Used succesfully in Australia for over five years

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The best way to protect your family and pets from dangerous snakes

100% Safe around Children and Animals

How it works

The Sentinel Electronic Snake Repeller sends out a pulse through the earth that snakes can sense as a possible threat. So making an area that the snakes feel uncomfortable in, so any resident snakes quickly move out and away and any snakes that come by pick up on the signals and leave the area normally never to return.

Why it works so well

Snakes use their senses to feel vibrations to either hunt their prey such as small rodents and frogs etc and to sense danger from large predators or the presence of large animals that could injure them, such as horses or cattle. The Sentinel Solar Powered Snake repeller mimics these vibtations so making the snakes feel unsafe in the area.

The Sentinal Snake Repeller has a range of 15m radius out all around where it is placed, giving a large circle of coverage 30 metres across -approx 700sq metres. So the units can safely be placed 30metres apart for good coverage. An average sized house block should be covered by two units one in the front one in the back.

The Sentinel Snake repellent is a solar powered repeller that runs itself and also charges a small battery that runs the unit at night. Very little maintenance is required to keep them working perfectly as the most effective snake fence available.

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Geniune Sentinel Snake Repeller

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Designed in Australia for Australian Snakes and Australian conditions

We have not yet found a type of Australian snake that the Sentinel Repeller is not effective with

Australian owned and operated

Used succesfully all around Australia by schools, dog kennels, resorts, mining companies, local councils and many many families.

Electronic Rat / Mouse Killer

Do you have rat or mouse problems? Tired of dirty messy rat traps.

Do not want to use dangerous poisons around your home and risk poisoning you children or pets, or risk the danger of poisoned vermin getting into your water supply.

Deal with your rat problem in the most effective, easy and hygienic way with an Electronic Rat Killer

This product is regretfully unavailable at present

The Electronic Rat /Mouse killer is the answer, a quick clean and effective way to eliminate disease spreading vermin from around your property.

Built to the highest standards CE safety marked, runs on either battery or mains, uses 4 "C" size batteries (not supplied) or with the supplied CE certified AC/DC mains adapter. Australian Standard plug fitting compatible with Australian electricity outlets.

Simply bait the trap with an attractive bait, switch on and the electric rat killer is ready to humanely kill, stop and get rid of rats and rodents in the home, allowing you to get rid of a rat infestation quickly.

It offers a quick kill which minimises trauma to the rat making it more humane. Sometimes a normal rat trap does not kill the rat outright, which can lead to unnecessary suffering. Equally, rat poison will often result in a prolonged death and will make the dead rat difficult to retrieve if it has retreated to a hard-to-reach place.

It is hygienic, since there is no need to touch the dead rat. Instead, you simply need to tilt the device and dispose of the rat. This also makes it better if you are squeamish.

Increased Energy Life! 20-30 kills per set of 4 "C" Cell Alkaline Batteries (not included).

Use the supplied AC/ DC adaptor for long life low cost use.

Larger chamber to catch even large rats and the smallest mice

Rats and Mice enter the Trap and are dispatched with a quick but powerful jolt of electricity.

Humanely gets rid of mice, rats and other rodents. If they'll fit in the chamber will dispatch them!

No blood, no mess, and no poisons to endanger your pets or the environment

Reusable time and time again designed to last

The Rat / Mouse Killer uses advanced electronic technology to deliver a deadly electric shock to Mice and Rats. Just bait the trap. When the rodent goes for the food, it steps on a kill plate and delivers enough electrical energy to quickly & humanely kill the rodent. 

Disposal is clean & easy. Simply hold the device over a rubbish bin and tilt it. The body will slide into the bin.

Combat rat activity in your home in a way which is more humane than using a rat trap or poison.

This product is regretfully unavailable at present

Or send cheque / money order to ;

Oakent Pty Ltd, PO Box 503, Gympie, Qld 4570


Full instructions for use provided - 100% Kill Rate!


See how they work at Rat Killer video

Use Sentinel Electronic Snake Repeller for protection from dangerous snakes

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