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Rat Killer

We have now replaced the Sentinel Snake Repeller MKII

With our new vastly improved Super Pulse

Sentinel Q Snake Repeller

We will now be shipping all orders with the very latest model

New & Improved Sentinel Q


Why they work so well

For example, Snakes will hunt rats, mice and other small animals. The way that these small mammals move sends a rapid set of vibrations to a snake who will move closer to investigate a possible meal. However a snake entering a paddock of cows or horses quickly learns that these large animals can inflict serious injury by simply treading on the snake whilst moving across the paddock and are not prey. The vibration given off by a herd of large cattle is a heavier deeper pulse as the hooves hit the ground while grazing. This is a dangerous zone vibration for the snake and it will quickly move away to avoid injury or conflict with a larger animal.

As many of us are taught always to tread heavily whilst walking in the bush so that you do not come upon a snake and surprise it, given the chance the snakes will normally move away.

It will cover an area that is 20 metres out in all directions from where it is placed - a large circle 40 metres across


Cover large areas using multiple units spaced apart and you can increase the effectiveness. When more than one unit is used the snake can not exactly sense where the danger is coming from as the pulses are coming from different directions. Although one Sentinel Repeller will successfully protect a radius of around 20 metres 2 or more units spaced around 40 metres apart is more effective in the size of the area covered and in triggering the retreat sense in the snakes to move further away.

  • Quiet
  • Super pulse signals
  • Larger area of coverage
  • Dual battery power
  • Easy to change AA rechargeable batteries
  • Inbuilt battery charger
  • Operation indicator light
  • UV inhibiters to resist degradation in plastics
  • Non rusting aluminium probe
  • Robust design
  • 100% Safe & non toxic
  • Safe around children and pets
  • Will not affect other wildlife

Solar powered with inbuilt battery charger and easy to change AA batteries

How many to use?

A normal house block we suggest two units on in the front one in the back, for higher risk areas four units.

A larger garden the 4-6 units will give good results.

For larger sections we suggest space them at 40 metre intervals around your boundary as a general rule 8 units should give excellent coverage on an acre section.


Sentinel Q Snake Repellers

We deliver by Australia post to all Australian address's, PO boxes, RMB's etc.

If you would like delivery to a PO Box please add details in message box on confirmation page.

All our prices include shipping with Australia Post to all Australian Address's

For other Quantities please contact us

We are happy to take other payment methods, cheques,COD, direct deposits by mail or email.

About Us & Payment options

We always have the units in stock and ship in the very next mail after orders are recieved

Designed in Australia for Australian Snakes and Australian conditions

We have not yet found a type of Australian snake that the Sentinel Repeller is not effective with

Beware of inferior copies and imitations

The Sentinel Q is only available direct through us or our authorised resellers,

if it did not come from us in Gympie, Qld - then its not a genuine Sentinel.

We manufacture the Genuine Sentinel Q Snake repeller

Designed, tried and tested in Australia

Why risk your loved ones safety by using inferior copies.

We know this product we invented it!

If you have a child care centre or rural school please contact us and we will do a very good deal for you as our children are our future and we are happy to do what we can to help protect them.

Setting up a perimeter which forms a barrier for the snakes helps to protect young children who are playing in the play areas . While nothing can be 100% guaranteed, the Sentinel Snake Repeller has proven to be the most effective tool available to deter snakes. Using it’s unique frequency and vibration, snakes prefer to stay away from areas covered by the Sentinel Q Snake Repeller. Anything we can do to prevent a single snake bite to a child is worth everything.

Child Care Centres who have installed Sentinel Repellers can reassure parents that they are doing their upmost to protect their children.



These snake repellent units while they are an effective deterrent they are not 100% foolproof and one should always be aware that unforseen circumstances can occur, so you should not be complacent especially where children are concerned and always take all precautions possible.

OAKENT Pty Ltd, PO Box 503, Gympie, Qld 4570.

email; info@stopsnakes.com

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