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Aussie Snake Fence.

Fence out dangerous snakes, when used in conjunction with our Aussie Snake Trap, which will catch snakes that come to the fence to try to get past it. You can be confident of having the best physical barrier snake proofing, to keep snakes away from your home.

The fence is easily installed in minutes and will last for many years.

The fence is a small mesh netting that is too small for snake to pass through, but does not appear as solid to snakes so they do not try to climb over it, they will follow it around an try to find an opening, so when the Aussie Snake Trap is used with the fence the snake will enter and be caught where it can be safely removed and relocated.

This fence is designed not to harm the snakes in any way, but it is designed to protect your home and property from potentially dangerous snakes.

They can be put around dog runs, bird aviaries, chicken runs, anywhere where you want to protect your pets and valuable livestock from snakebite.

Place around areas where children play, pools and other places around your home and garden.

They can be used on uneven ground and around or over obstructions.

The Aussie Snake fence comes in 8 metre lengths, and the Aussie Snake trap is 2 metres long, so by using a combination you can soon surround any areas you wish to protect. We suggest that the Aussie Snake Traps are used at regular intervals around larger areas, to ensure any snakes that come by are caught.


Tiger snakes, Brown Snakes, Dugites, Copperheads, Black Snakes and all other kinds of snakes from small hatchlings up to large Pythons can be safely kept out and caught.


Aussie Snake Trap

The Aussie Snake Trap is designed to be used with the Aussie Snake Fence, when placed in the fence line the snakes will crawl along the fence trying to find an opening when they come across the trap they will enter through its trap door and be trapped between two walls of fine mesh unable to escape they will stay until you release them by undoing a slip cord to open the trap.

We strongly suggest you contact a competent snake handler to safely remove and relocate the snakes that are caught.




1 Trap and 2 lengths fence $38 +$18 p&p - - 18 metres of protection

5 Traps and 5 lengths of fence only $100 +$48 p&p - - 50 metres of protection.

Snake Fence /Snake Trap +p&p

All prices include shipping within Australia

We deliver by Australia Post to all Australian address's, PO boxes, RMB's etc.


Protect your loved ones from Dangerous Snakes


Designed in Australia for use with Australian Snakes

Designed not to harm but to keep out and trap snakes, so they can be safely relocated.

Rember it is illegal to kill snakes in Australia, and

also very dangerous as this is when many snake bites occur.

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